Dreams Starting



In the summer of 2011 I went to a beautiful house called Wiston Estate where an event called “David’s Tent” took place. Named after the character of David in the Bible, the event was focusing on worship, freedom and expression of ourselves.Worship is the one major time I get to be TRULY myself. There is no judgement – you can dance, sing, paint etc.

It was the first moment I recognised that I have a love of photography and modelling. However I didn’t know why. I realised there must be a reason. God had been showing me that we are unique and that as we come alive in who we are others come alive in who they are too. A friend knew a photographer and after introducing me we did a shoot the next day.

An incredible man, Jonathan Self, saw beyond my outward beauty and into my heart. He drew that out and captured who I am, making me realise that THAT is the most beautiful thing. I felt totally alive.
This shoot was the very START of me believing my desires could come true.
In that moment of him believing in me I started to believe in myself. That birthed something inside me.

He captured my heart and who I am. Similarly saying: “I can see Jesus in your eyes”, which too is something Heidi Baker had told me in 2012.

I can’t explain it other than I saw myself differently when I looked into the camera. It felt like it was through another pair of eyes. My shame and fears dropped off and I felt like royalty, precious, seen, known, held, forgiven and loved. Feelings that I can still feel right now!

It was an unforgettable experience. I saw for the first time that God has given us each dreams and desires to pursue unashamedly, no matter what they are, they will have a purpose beyond what we imagined. Who we are is all that matters to Him, as we get to reflect him and His character.

“I am His masterpiece” – 

Jessica Wilmot

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made, my works are wonderful I know that full well”
Psalm 139:14

Jonathan captured:


A Rich Simplicity….

A Vibrance…


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