This was my first shoot to be asked to model for for a brand…

Finlay & Co. glasses are made by some wonderful guys I know and these photos were taken by a special woman called, Johanna Lees. She treated me to a cheeky chocolate milkshake before we started. I was a little nervous as I have never done a shoot for a company before. So I didn’t know quite what to expect.



We set off and enjoyed a little stroll through the streets of London, starting just near Charing Cross station, then to outside the main church in Trafalgar Square and finishing by the tube station checkered floor!

We just made one big loop but the conversations were fun and the process was amusing. There were two other male models with me at the time too, so asking them questions and hearing life from their perspectives was another interesting element to the shoot.






I felt funny just standing still, posing in the business of the London tube stations. I almost didn’t know what to do but go into a little space in my own head and really focus on the camera. I stood tall and boldly, unashamed of my bright trousers and who I am.




Finlay & Co. — Sunglasses

Jojo Lees — photography

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