First Steps

“God turns what the enemy wanted for bad for His good”

After realising my dream to perform and tell stories through dance, and creativity – I had an idea to dance and BE ME, whilst promoting brands and being a voice to the voiceless also stuck in anxiety and depression. So with this dream to break free from fear, and to do what had dreamt to do, I took a paper banner down to event square to dance on it. My ambition was to break free of what people think of me and to be truly myself. While thanking people around me for their impact on my life.

On route I saw floods of people also heading that direction for the memorial of our wonderful city policeman, Andy Hocking, who had recently and quite suddenly passed away. When I arrived I was swept away by the amount of love and appreciation, as around 6000 people were present on behalf of this one man. It was such a testament to his consistent love and value for anyone and everyone he came across. The one thing that had always struck me about him was his smile. He seemed to have a constant beam of love and sunshine across his face wherever he walked and it always brought me a smile seeing him around town.

It was his joy that I wanted to personally thank him and remember him for! I rolled out the banner, amongst the big crowds and let people write notes to him. Then nearer the end I had the BBC filming me dancing with yellow and blue paint on my feet, dancing over the banner. The colours were to reflect how Andy brought so much joy to life (yellow) and to honour his position as a policeman (blue).

Thank you Andy! Your joy and constant love will always be remembered and inspiring to us all! This picture below was a photo I had taken earlier in the year along Falmouth high street, where Andy had come to chat with me and the guys I was photographing. It was a moment I won’t ever forget, as he brought us all so much joy and transformed how we viewed the policemen in our town. THANK YOU TO THE POLICEMEN OF OUR CITIES FOR WHAT YOU CONTRIBUTE AND PROTECT FOR US ALL.

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