Look out for the unnoticed things.

What sparks your heart to life?

A shoot for Chez Stephan and his Hair Salon. This was a really precious moment for me, I found this little yellow flower that caught my eye. In picking it up and cherishing this moment a big smile grew across my face….

Life is all about looking out for and breathing in those moments and gifts that others miss. Those are the gems in only our lives.

The most beautiful things are captured just as we realise those little truths.

Look out of the small things in life that reflect the lessons you are learning.
I realised then and there how awesome ‘Grace’ is that despite feeling I had made mistakes that I was free again and could receive good things.

This dress I bought in Africa in a charity shop for £1, it’s long and comfy and one I wouldn’t always think to buy, but just goes to show…the unique ones are the best!


Outfit: White floral dress, Abercrombie & Fitch. (‎)

Photographer: Renato Pinna.

Hair Styling: Chez Stephan (
#beauty #fashion #southafrica #fun #modeling #being

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