This shoot was for a sunglasses company from California called : “Shauns“. Photos taken my Jonathan Pryce Daniel, whom I met at the London Fashion Week street style photo shoots. He had contacted me in regards to this shoot.




I had no idea to expect, and as one of my first shoots I found it quite a daunting experience. As the day started we were cooped up inside having make up and hair done. I ended up styling myself.



When we set off it had decided to start raining so the hair went a little curly and frizzy around the edgy! It was an adventurous afternoon with the two other models, going from inside pubs, holding bowls of lemons to the Somerset House grounds!




It was a weird experience, acting in some ways, that I knew the man in the photos, when in actual fact we had just met that afternoon. They were great company though and truly did make me laugh. It was a fun experience and I remember a moment of dreaming about one day meeting Vivienne Westwood as we mentioned her in conversation!
Who knows if and when that might happen, but it was a thought 🙂






As you will be able to tell, I really enjoy smiling and in some photos was even asked to be more serious! But the joy that day felt abundant and the more it flowed the sun started to peep through the clouds and the rain died down.

Answer to prayer!





Shauns California — sunglasses.

Jonathan Daniel Pryce — photographer

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