The Very Beginning


A shoot in the orchard with Jordan Woods and Nicole.
I had met Jordan at the start of a party and randomly started chatting, he mentioned he was a photographer and I said I’d love to collaborate on some fun adventure shots.

A couple weeks later we organised a date and Nicole came along last minute to keep me company… I had no idea what to expect but simply trusted the process.

I wanted to create a stories through photography and modelling. I love revealing truth through photography and often find these truths during the journey. That’s why I love to capture them and then write about them afterwards.

It ended up being a hugely special and memorable day…


In the orchards of Tremough Campus the journey started…

I found a tree that I loved the look of and perched there!
This moment felt safe, it was the very start of what I believed would grow into a beautiful journey.

In this tree I perched and as Jordan took photos I noticed a dead dandelion by my feet. This is a personal metaphor to me about who I am…I couldn’t believe it and got down to pick it up! This felt like a gift as modelling is something I have always loved doing but in the past year I had a time of discovering what it really means to model and what true beauty is. It was a time to believe and trust that desires and dreams would come true, despite how it looked. So in seeing this lone dandelion it was a reminder!

Have faith and BELIEVE in what you feel you’ve been promised…Your desires will come to pass. “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”.

Soon enough I found a dandelion by my feet, in true delight I picked it up and sat dreaming. ANYTHING is possible, so dream knowing that is the case.

After explaining this to Jordan I sat and dreamt with the dandelion, then blowing like a child in full faith that it will come true.
“What is impossible for man is possible with God”.

What would you dream for?
What are your longings?

I dreamt some big dreams….

Finding an acorn in the tree I was reminded of Roo Panes quote:
“Start small, grow tall”.

“Don’t despise the day of small beginnings”.

Swooped by the wind, this scarf is one I bought in Africa as a reminder of my identity.
This moment showed me the importance of not hiding who I am, but being bold to unleash my colours fully without fear.

At the last spot that we discovered, sitting on the stairs, I look down and spotted a little yellow flower! My eyes couldn’t believe it! It was a little ALIVE dandelion — how is that for a miracle! It felt like a promise and a visual representation of God hearing my prayers! Wow.



Eric Liddell’s quote:

When I run I feel God’s pleasure!”

Jordan Woods –  photos…
Holly Starr –  song.
Dandelions – bringing me hope!

This is a video to capture the day and the pleasure I felt!
Feel free to have a watch:

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