Have you ever wondered what ‘modelling’ is like? I have.
Today I went to a shoot that I was terrified to go to. It was simply one with a fashion photographer from uni, however so many feelings came up before that I was terrified to face.
What if I am not good enough?
What if I don’t know what to do?
What if…?

Yet when I got there I loved the experience of trying on all the prepared outfits and ‘putting on a persona’ in each.
For each outfit I focused on the truth of who I was reflected in the clothing. This refocused my mind from the negative thoughts to something positive to focus on.

It was a really empowering moment and showed me the power of my mind.





I enjoyed sitting on this chair. I was talking to myself, believing as I looked into the camera: ” I AM ENOUGH AS I AM”

This photo was the best shot they got!




Relaxed and not trying to be anything else, I gazed into the distance. I love wearing headbands so I felt comfortable yet elegant in this.




I love jumpsuits, comfort yet style…
A perfect mix!




The contrast between these – both important and funny!





They captured a really funny picture of me in this outfit that perfectly describes “POP”.
I like to bring surprises and to smile!
This was a fun outfit, with an element of seriousness too.


A day had arrived for a modelling shoot.
But I felt really tired and not at all ‘cute’.
In fact I didn’t feel ready for it, neither did I believe in myself.
What if they looked at me and wanted me on the ‘shelf’?

There are so many thoughts clouding my mind.
“Am I good enough, too small or large, too weird or kind?”
Do I need to look a certain way or be a certain thing?
What really determines the beauty I bring?

Will I have the right look or be who I am?
Will I fall into pieces or not even give a dam?

But as soon as I arrived I felt quite in my element.
And tried on the outfits as each one was sent.

I found the outfit helped reflect my personality.
This was the moment I felt especially free.
Seeing the beauty in just being me.
In keeping mind of truth, I found I was

“enough as just me”.

Thank you:

Jack Codling – photos

Elliot Baker – styling

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