I felt really vulnerable in the morning and a little all over the place. These photos were caught just after a moment of slightly feeling like I was falling apart. It was in fact my birthday and I felt hugely fragile and insecure. I was wearing the most random outfit with bright red lipstick (I am not the biggest fan of red lipstick!), leopard print leggings, gold feather earrings and my Nike trainers.




I realised sometimes we might feel uncomfortable, afraid and strange in being who we are. Yet I believe we need to accept ourselves in those moments, those fears, our imperfections and find our freedom in being ourselves, no matter what people think. Again I realised my mindset needed to change as I felt disgusting inside. I started to believe the truth of who I am: ” I AM WILD”. This put a new smile back in my heart.




Once this truth had sunken in I got creative with ideas and spotted a dirty graffiti board that I loved the look of. I decided to use it as a sign to remember this moment of slow breakthrough…I totally believe it isn’t just for me, and so I would now like to “take it to the streets”







Freddie Reed – photographs

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