“I am Forgiven?”

Peace is Freeing



I love vibrant clothing and mixing patterns, colours and designs. But I realised it can take courage sometimes to stand out and be truly myself in style.

This cardigan was one I bought at the market in Falmouth with a friend. I tried it on and loved it, but for some reason felt this slightly nervous feeling….will I ever wear this? Is it too bright for me? She said “no it’s so you, embrace your brightness”. “Ok” I said, “I feel challenged, I do love it”. So I bought it from the lovely lady at the marketplace.

Then just a couple of days later while walking through town I organised to do a spontaneous shoot. I was wearing this cardigan and it was the moment I really learnt to embrace who I was and have peace with that. It was a really amazing moment, not having to worry about anything but learn to focus on the truth.

I had had a funny day so at the start it was very much a matter of learning to forgive myself. On top of this I also was struggling to believe I was ‘enough’. So in one particular photo I realised I needed to let myself believe it. As I let those words sink in “I am enough as I am” I looked into the camera and “SNAP” the photo was taken.
When looking at the photos afterwards I was most surprised to see that my face looked different in the one where I had changed my mindset. “That is incredible” I thought to myself, that a simple thought could have so much effect in my appearance and also how I might act in certain situations.

I love learning more and more that even through mistakes I can see redemption and new life. This was a really inspiringly beautiful moment. Holding white petals to visually show the beauty of forgiveness I was learning about first hand!

There is so much beauty found in having peace in yourself.



 Bruce Mazibuko – photos

Falmouth market – Beautiful woollen jacket

 Urban Outfitters – leggings

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