What does future look like?

What does my future look like?

I was struggling with hope at the time that I painted this piece. I was questioning…what my future looks like? I needed hope.
It was quite dark in the room while painting, but soon enough when the light was turned on the colours were bright and the pattern was becoming more and more beautiful!

As  the colours emerged I thought, “Wow, does that mean there is still hope for me? Maybe something beautiful can still come from my life”.

Time on earth is a very precious thing
Despite storms God allows us to always win.
I’ve often wondered what it would be like
To Just do what God says, like the motto of Nike.   

How big can I dream without losing weight of the goal
The horizon is vast, we’ve got to step out of the hole.
The pity is present and the sorrows are there
But as we hand those to Jesus he takes out despair.   

The old will unveil the glorious new,
Because its a treasure, the person is”you”.
He designed and created you in his hands
Before all of creation, you were his plan.  

He never left or will leave you,
It’s not a thought in his mind
The dark times he sees through
His heart is so kind.  

What did he promise has he given it to you yet?
Have you asked thing again, he won’t ever forget.
Puts into his heart, he wants to hear you cry,
Then the pasture will be ready, no longer will it be dry! 


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