In the studios I wanted to capture some people on camera and journey with them the discoveries I had made in front of the camera. I found a lovely friend who always lightens up my day whenever I see her.

In a burst of excitement I asked to take photos of her and she happily agreed.

It felt strange for me and I felt resistance against me doing it, however I pushed through and as I did I saw beautiful results.
Again I asked her questions while snapping away:
How do you see yourself“….

“Kind, faithful”

Then I asked her to repeat after me :

“I am beautiful”

into the camera…. As she did I saw something change within her face, there was a new glow, a radiance and an joy that spread across her face. This made me really excited!

This showed me how much the mind does and can change even our outer appearance.
I kept encouraging her in her beauty and the joy that she spreads wherever she goes.

I was amazed at how surprised she was to hear this, as it is so obvious to me yet something she had never heard before!

The beauty in encouragement is vast.
Thank you Jess for radiating light and love wherever you go. It’s a beautiful trait.

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