I am passionate about identity and people BEING WHO THEY ARE CREATED TO BE…

Having had my own journey, questioning life, who I am, whether God really exists I have come to some of my own conclusions, and am most definitely still learning!

There was a time I was questioning who I was and I asked God to show me in the form of a flower.
He highlighted a Dandelion.
This intrigued me, and so I looked it up!
The meanings were amazingly profound and captured my character perfectly.
Making me realise God knows me more than I know myself!

“The dandelion has more intelligence than most humans.”

“Dandy” = free, light.
“Lion” = ferocious, authoritative, bold, roars!

Dandelion are…

  •  world-famous for their beauty
  • the subject of many poems.
  • more nutritious than most of the vegetables in your garden.
  • named after lions because their lion-toothed leaves healed so many ailments, great and small: baldness, dandruff, toothache, sores, fevers, rotting gums, weakness, lethargy and DEPRESSION.
  • fast growers, the sunny yellow flowers going from bud to seed in days. And also long-lived.
  • known for their deep roots that can go down 15 feet.
  • able to clone… two new heads sprout for every one that is cut off, the root clones when divided; a one-inch bit of dandelion root can grow a whole new dandelion.
  • able to shove their way though gravel and cement, and thrive in barren habitats.
  • among the most expensive items in the grocery store.
  • just plain FUN…Blowing on dandelion puffballs can tell you if it’s time to go home, how many years until you get married, or how many children you’ll have – and of course, if you catch a flying dandelion seed, you can make a wish.
  •  in need of sun and disturbed soil to thrive. They “look for” human activities: roadsides, construction sites, parking lots – and lawns.
  • never going to be eradicated, they are wild things.
  • linked with Christ’s self-sacrifice on the cross.
  • defined as: “the lion’s tooth”. This summons symbolic meaning of lion’s, which DEALSwith courage, pride, family (communication/connection).
  • found in crucifixion paintings.
  • dandelion is a natural detoxicant, body-cleanser and diuretic.
  • are also symbolic of positivity, progress and survival.
  •  sign of joy, and childlike wonder.
    Allow you to witness life from a childlike perspective!
  • determined and return with vengeance, and wilful directive to survive.
  • reminders of dreams that you’ve dreamt and the power of your words and thoughts.

 The divine design to the dandelion 

  • Yellow (flower):
    Yellow is symbolic of communication, clarity, intelligence, (with an alacritous mind -quick wit, alertness of thought). vibrancy, radiance, healing, growth and joy.
  • White (puffball):
    White is also symbolic of intelligence, as well as clarity, purity, cleansing, spirit/soul, space, and new beginnings.
  • Green (leaves/stem):
    The green of the dandelion represents  groundedness, wholesomeness, growth, resurgence, nature and life.


Dandelions offer a message not only of hope, but also:

“I shed light upon that which is otherwise hidden.”

“Be fruitful and multiply”

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