Shift Perspective

I have had a SHIFT in realising how we see ourselves is so important and can really shape how we act.
Inspired by the song by Holly Starr, “Through the Father’s Eyes” I can say, hand on heart that that song speaks volumes of truth.

So much around us tells us to look a certain way and be a certain thing in order that you might ‘feel’ good or be the right person. However the more I tried to be a certain size or shape the more miserable it made me.
True freedom for me came when I started to see myself the way my Father sees me.

When I was questioning if God really existed I was also really questioning who I was. So I challenged God to show me visually who I was, to both confirm his existence and my identity. I asked him what flower I would be if I were one…He said a “Dandelion”.

They show ashes turn to beauty. OPPOSITES. God is a God of the impossible. The enemy will come at us in the opposite of who we are. A dandelion is yellow, centred, bright, precise, beautiful, whole and yet when it is dead it’s fragile, all over the place, weak, grey, fluffy. It’s when it is dead that someone has to blow over it, speak over it for it to become something NEW and beautiful – how it’s meant to be. That shows visually the importance of our thoughts, words, declarations over ourselves and others. Our words and thoughts can change lives. It was when God said over me “I believe in you, you can do this” that I suddenly realised I could do it too!

So out of my pain He has brought beauty…out of my tears he has brought joy and out of waiting he has brought character. He is never late…always on time!


Life starts in the dark where no one can see.
A glimmer of light is all that you need.
To search deeper and harder for true intimacy.
It starts with knowing who you are.
A child of the king, in his eyes: a star.
Longing for greatness yet at the moment afar.
A heart of longing and a desire to please.
Simply can’t get you to where you need to be.

The layers need stripping back – a forming of your heart.
To know your identity is only the start.
It’s a beautiful process and vital at best.
Because its only this that the enemy puts to the test.
So as long as you’re secure and know WHO you are.
You are much safer in tune in Daddy’s arms.

He’s made you divine and he says “you is mine”.
And when the fathers delights in you.
You can rest assured that he can make old things new.
So let go and trust. The old is being peeled back.
You’re made for more than you think, his design isn’t slack.

Who do you see yourself to be
In comparison with your king?
Do you know what he thinks?
Can you hear what he sings?
Where have your eyes taken you?
Are you believing the truth?
That a princess in making
Is enough to raise the roof!

There’s no stopping him now, don’t get frustrated.
Once the show is on the road.
You’ll be transformed and transfigurated.
Soon you’ll shine like he promised you would.
But till then let him lead the way even if you think you could!

The ashes must rise before he can show them all.
A leader will stand firm but first he must fall.
Because down in the dirt is where you learn the most.
A humble heart is desired, not one that will boast.

Soon you’ll stand tall, carved and formed.
Because you’ve found peace in yourself even within the storm.

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