Royal Identity

“All things work together for good for those who believe”.

Romans 8:28.




This shoot happened at Pendennis point, a place where I originally went to help at a test video for the charity, Open Doors. This charity supports the persecuted church.

With my modelling I love the ways God talks to me through it and I see it as a means of learning wonderful lessons of truth. On this shoot Romans 8:28 was the verse that came to mind and moved my heart.

I was reminded of some bad situations that have happened and yet looking back with hindsight, the way God has made things work together is miraculous!

There are moments in my life I yearn to be something more than I am. However through the life of this dandelion I learnt to hold on and trust that only God had the ability to bring beauty out of something so fragile, weak and grey and make it into something strong, yellow and whole, just like my life!




This gave me hope, that no matter the situation God can turn it around and make beauty from it, shine gold from the dust and transform a life into a glorious creation.

His grace is abundant and more than enough.
I can’t believe he delights in us despite mistakes and fears.



This dress was one from a lovely local store: Boutique 33.

The weather was freezing, so this pose lasted a short time! However the rush of wind and the crashing waves were beautiful part of this moment.
Jordan always seems to stay calm and knows what he likes when he sees it.
Despite me not being a huge fan, he managed to capture the moment and the dress.




These were capture without me knowing, while I was thinking about how amazing it is that I can be so comfy, unaware and yet SO loved. To me life is all about the lessons you are learning, not so much about the circumstances themselves, as they change second by second!




Whoever you are you are a daughter or son. You are royalty. Is that strange? Maybe.
But it is truth. Once we walk knowing that our lives will turn around in significant ways, we will treat ourselves and others in a new way, as we realise each of our incredible significance.




NO matter where you have been, the past is forgiven and the future BRIGHT.

Step forward boldly and courageously knowing that LOVE is holding your hand.




Jordan Woods – photos

Boutique 33 – clothing.

Pendennis Point.

Dandelions & Daffodils – hope bringers!

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