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Simplicity of Joy

Desires are powerful


New flare


Mix Match

Vibrance in Smiles

Elegance is Key


In pursuing others dreams your own can come true.
Each of us is as important as the next.

What to you is a celebrity?
Think out of the box.

“Bring your own unique flare!”

The process of this shoot was beautiful from start to finish. Anna was a wonderful make up artist and I was able to chat with them as women about the importance and significance of our beauty flowing from within!

I faced my fears of not feeling good enough and decided to enjoy the process and journey and to have patience with myself through it all. I learnt a new freedom to be unashamedly myself. On shoot I always think how amazing it is I don’t have to be anyone other than myself. This shoot I felt a new freedom in that. With NO FEAR I danced, spun and enjoyed the process.

I played with the scarves and brought my own flare to the shoot.  I felt so regal and relaxed in each one, they are beautiful. My favourite scarf was “Hydrenga”.

As I relaxed and realised I could bring a new stance to the shoots, that I asked if they could also be used as head scarves. To Claudia’s joy and surprise this pulled off really nicely.

We even captured moments on film, because to me the speciality of it was feeling I had nothing to prove, that simply who I was was enough. That to me was special.


Photographer: Katy Thomas ( Katy Thomas Photography )

Designer: Claudia Meller    ( )

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