Why is it I can struggle to just let myself be.  

To know I’m enough, simply as me.  

It feels vulnerable yet fresh, 

Something wild and free 

To let go of control and show my creativity.  


The first step is to love ❤   and not seek to achieve.  

To let my heart be seen and choose to receive  

To relax and sit back and let my ideas grow.  

Because only from that place, beauty will flow.  


It’s not a competition and won’t define who I am.  

I’ve got to remember that and take the pressure of my hand.  


Life is brief it’s a questionable thing.  

Its amazing to wonder what each day will bring.  

I like to capture the moments and bring beauty from mess.  

To delight in the details and design a dress!  


The possibilities are huge when you look to the stars.  

You realise your desires matter and can take you far.  

The key is to let go and not worry about the result.  

Because what is a mistake if beauty can come from a fault?! 


Photos: Rose Marie

Skirt : Raffi Store (

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