Just me?

I love yellow, adventure starts there for me!


You are Beautiful

Calm your Mind

Walk with Courage

Look Forward and Trust

This adventure took place at a beach called Sandy Dunes. Unsure of how it would turn out I felt a bit fearful at times. However as I learnt to relax I started to let truth change my reality. Picking up a dandelion from the start I reminded myself that “I am enough as I am”. It felt funny being in front of the camera at times. Why was it I couldn’t let myself be? I consciously let go of the feeling that I had something to prove!  It was the moments I was being me freely that Ella captured the most beauty. I took some of Ella and instantly saw her beauty. Yet struggled to accept and believe in my own!
Despite feeling fearful, when I focused again on truth, freedom came back!

I love Sessions clothing. They have a beautiful soft and airy feel with a smart and sophisticated appearance and yet their clothing is always ready for an adventure!


Ella Kite – photos (ellakitephotography.com)

Sessions – clothing (http://www.sessions.com)

Free Riders – board (http://www.freeridersonline.co.uk)

Sandy Dunes – beach!

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