Mother’s Day

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step”.


Today was Mother’s Day. As a thank you to my Mumma I decided to paint my feet pink and danced with the daffodils for her. She is an incredible woman of commitment, generosity and sacrificial love. I have learnt so much from her and her ability to fight for those she loves. She is a warrior and I hope to be a glimmer of that in my life.

I wasn’t majorly prepared for the filming of this part – which has shown me the importance of a little pre-planning! The day in fact started with tears flooding my cheeks and feeling pretty deflated. However I didn’t want fear to stop me so I took another step on the banner and am seeing how each one leads to another and another and another.

An extract from my journal read like this: “I now see the extent that anxiety and depression robs you of who you are. I suddenly feel like I want to do things well and express myself to the world. Up till now I have been hiding, afraid to share anything or express who I am. But it’s time to do things to the BEST OF MY ABILITY and see where that leads!!”

What will that step be for you? Do you know YOU can bring change simply by being you? How do I want to see change? It’s time to take a step of faith and trust I am in the hands of someone bigger than me.

Take one, even if it’s little, it might change the course of your future.

Know you are loved, significant and special and be content just with WHO you are. Remember there is no one else like you. What a special thought!

THANK YOU to my Mumma!

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