Who am I?

Identity is a powerful thing,
It’s good to question and give it some thought.
What do I believe  I’m created to bring?
Do I realise that for a price I was bought?  

There are gifts within me, that are only for me.
One of a kind, I am made to be free! I know I am listened to and simply adored, So amongst the doubts I can stay assured.   

My Daddy he loves me and knows my frame.
He made me and shaped me and gave me my name.
I am free from mans opinion and all of its fear.
So through the rain I can dance as its to Jesus I draw near.   

I am beautiful to him for I am his child.
Despite my fears He has made me wild.
A child of The King ….what an inheritance.
His grace is enough. There’s no extra expense

Wow I am his and He is mine.
Colour and celebration – this is simply divine.
No spark too small to light a fire.
A life well lived is then created to inspire.   

Live to the full and don’t worry about the rest.
Remember in Jesus there is only the best.
So stand tall and reach high, His spirit is strong
Be free like a bird and not fearful of being wrong.   

His hand is mighty and able to save.
To cover our mistakes when we misbehave.

So be brave, walk forward, lets forgive the past.
Because your identity and future are supernaturally vast!  

You are a stunner in his eyes- a queen.
Not created to hide but to be admired and seen.
For in brokenness is beauty and not any shame.
These are the places you’ll see where Jesus came.  

He transformed you to be all that you are.
To clean your mind of lies and to shine as his star.
You couldn’t have done it alone.
His love 
  for you is what has been shown.   

You will sparkle and grow. The promise is there.
You are a daughter with love and a heart that cares.
Overflowing with love, joy and peace.
In Jesus you have been made COMPLETELY COMPLETE!

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