Grace is such a simple word, 
Yet often can be so misheard.
With a meaning of great great value.
It seems to make all things new.

Being given what you don’t deserve.
For me seemed to hit a nerve.
Thinking I’d have to achieve such love.
Was when grace saved me and flowed from above.

No amount of striving,
Allowed me to start thriving.
It was when I turned from the lies, 
To accept God’s big and perfect prize.

“Who I really am”, my flaws and all.
“Broken yet whole” is the message I can recall.
His paths don’t make sense or follow my ways.
But through it all, I am learning to give Him praise.

Because as I thank Him in all situations.
Despite my mess ups and even when there are frustrations.
That increases joy, as laughter starts to flow.
Realising the beauty and freedom in letting go!

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