Time for LOVE

There are moments when I try to do it all,
Fearing the next step and not wanting to fall.
Then this loving voice comes to me,
Beckoning me elsewhere, so that I can see.

As I look back at the past and can see my mistakes,
Those moments in the dark where I had been a fake.
Yet now standing in the light, it was no question to me.
Learning from those moments are what are making me free.

Life is about the journey, and about who we become,
Making messes and splashes are all part of the fun.
I have learnt and am learning to let go of what is “right”.
Because of that it meant I held on real tight.

But Jesus has become a steadfast love for me.
Realising my weaknesses, I can now clearly see my need.
He has broken my pride and humbled my heart.
Showing me people are important and a major part.

Life wouldn’t be as joy filled, happy or bright.
Without friendships and people who hold you real tight.
Accepting love and help is sometimes the most courageous thing to do.
Realising you are significant, just by BEING YOU!

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