Is there any beauty in brokenness? How do you respond to it? I recently broke my leg and was really surprised by the process of realising how sympathetic people can be towards brokenness. I got some very peculiar looks especially when I was seen in my wheelchair. It gave me new compassion and empathy for those who face that day in day out.

I was actually intrigued the most by how differently I was treated depending on whether I had no crutches, had crutches, or when I was in a wheelchair.

Often when I was in a wheelchair I felt completely unseen by people. It’s as if people don’t realise what it really feels like to be crippled and unable to do the things so many of us can take for granted.




What is it you immediately think when you see me in the first photos?

Then with crutches?




And then in the wheelchair?

How did you perception change?

And your thoughts towards brokenness?





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