Broken yet Whole

“Enough as I am”

This picture above was a life changing moment of realising the power of my thoughts. I realised in this moment how much I let lies dictate my reality and vision. As I stared into the camera I heard a voice as clear as day break through the lies and say to me “You are enough as you are”. As I let those words sink in I felt a new freedom bubble up. “Truth sets me free” I realised. The thoughts I had otherwise been believing had kept me so locked up. Yet these clear words broke through them all and set my heart alight. It stirred a passion in me to never settle for believing lies but instead to reach out and fully believe the truth. As no matter the battle, freedom is worth the cost.

Inspired by this moment I later challenged myself to do a drawing a day inspired by the photoshoots I had gone on and the truths that I had found in front of the lens. The most powerful truth I confronted was that despite my brokenness, I am made whole. In my imperfections I am beautiful. So I created a piece of artwork from drops of ink and pen strokes pulling all the ink dots together to create the shape of a broken and yet whole butterfly.

With both the photo and the artwork I created this design below. Below that I also experimented with then making the word “BROKEN” from the design.

Brokenness is now how I see our power
Rebuking any pride that comes to devour.
Outrageously bold, no fears of a mistake
King to the world, yet a life put to stake.  

Every sin we have made He can redeem.
No imperfection too big to keep you from your dream.  

Miraculously you are the one your Father desires.
All about you, He simply knows how you’re wired.
Don’t fear, there’s no need to hide your pain
Everything can be beautiful, as you dance through the rain.  

Wildly in love, He is shaping your life
Heart of such grace, He picks us up from a fall.
Out of deep pain, His love and beauty covers all.
Lives transformed by the Power of His name
Every life redeemable by a King of humble fame.  


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