Speak HOPE

Hope is formed through the tears and the sun.  

From that place we see the colour that brings us all our  fun.  


So why is it that we are afraid to share our pain.  

To not let out the tears so we can then dance in the rain.  

Freedom is found when we walk in who we are.  

In forgiving and releasing those who gave us scars.  


I came to a place in my life not long ago.  

I felt hopeless and afraid of others to know.  

I strove for perfection in all that I did.  

Yet when it came to “being” I just ran and hid.  


The reality of my life was hard for me to face.  

My weaknesses felt too big for me to embrace.  

I wanted to give up, to give my life away.  

What was the point to each and every day? 

However in realising I could conquer the fears of what others thought.  

It was help that I then sought.  


I had come to realise life wasn’t as it seemed.  

As I let love take fears place, I allowed my heart to dream.  

Could I be free once more? 

No matter the cost there must be hope.  

Up to this point the image of a dandelion allowed me to cope.  


Through weakness and vulnerability  

I realised I could be me.  

This truth was what then set me free.  

To be real and pursue true intimacy.  


Jesus is all that I need.  

He says mountains can move from faith as small as a seed.  

Just holding to what he said I asked him for more.  

To let my heart experience joy knowing good was  in store.  


Out of despair I gave him my heart as I realised he cared.  

“Please take my ashes and make beauty?” 

So that others may see…. 

Your redemption is what matters most.  

As.from.that place I cannot boast.  


I realised in my places of shame  

With courage these could glorify his name.  

Its all about you Jesus. You are true beauty.  

Thank you father that you restore all And allow us to bw.  

No matter our mistakes your love sets us free.  


Thank you Daddy. Your hope is sure.  

We really need you. We need you more! 

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