Leap of Faith

I am realising very often we want the answer before we step into something. I have often wanted to know things will work out before taking a step into it. However yesterday I realised the exhilarating idea of what faith looks like. Inspired by Kris Valloton when he says:
“We’ve got to be willing to fail big and have courage to stick around”

I found this to be true.

In leading worship I would feel God prompt me to sing out it was scary but as I let myself make mistakes and gave myself permission to look like a fool and fail big, the most beautiful things came about!:

“There’s no mistakes with you.
We can see you through our cracks,
Because we know you have our backs.

Break our perfectionism.
Hold back from criticism.

Release our hearts into praise.
As that is the real beauty we want to raise.”

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