During my week away I was thinking alot about my meeting with Sarah Doukas from Storm and wondering if they might get back to me. While chatting with a friend I realised if it was meant to be it would happen and if not, then no, but I just needed to learn to trust and let go.

That was in the morning of the 28th July.
Then in the afternoon during a talk by Heidi Baker I hear my phone ring. I leave it to answer phone, but notice I don’t recognise the number. Having left a message I surrupticiously listen in to who it might be.

“Hi…this is Storm calling…”

I jump up and run out as they call again!

“Hi”…”we would love you to come to a test shoot tomorrow if you are around?”.

As I sadly declined the offer – being away on holiday, I was really blown away by the timing of this all~!

Then the week later after rescheduling the shoot. I penciled in a perfect date for me into my calendar. The 12th August (as 2 is my favourite number!).

On the 10th of August I meet up with a friend, Sophie Buxton. Chatting away about modeling and careers, I mentioned I was waiting to hear from Storm, with a hope for a test shoot soon.
Just as I was saying goodbye to her, an email props up about a possible shoot on the 12th or 13th August!.
The timing again was quite spectacular!

I rang up and booked the dream date: 12th!
As I was doing this, I looked up from my phone as I walked the streets in Shoreditch…and across the road a girl was walking by with a statement shirt. I felt I did a double take…because as I looked more intently it said : STORM!

I was so surprised I stood still for a second, letting the girl walk beyond me. SO amazed by this, I needed to capture the moment. I ran after her (poor girl) and told her how random but amazing this all was and asked kindly to take a photo!


Storm here I come!

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