Storm Test Shoot


Storms come and storms go.
Our lives are precious, this I know.
It’s through those seasons we really grow.
As I realise I am free, I learn to let go.
Through lightning, thunder, clouds and rain.
I believe beauty can come from pain.
This takes masks down and allows us to be free.
As it made me realise: “I’m enough as just me?”.
I love to model as its a powerful thing.
As it’s easy as girls to not know the beauty we bring.
Yet in pursuing perfection it didn’t make me free.
So now I realise that I’m just meant to “BE”.
This truth is real and yet sometimes feels strange.
But in believing the truth, my life has really changed.
This shoot today I hope will shower out the light.
That through simply being me, this message may shine bright.
My hope and dream is to use modelling as a career.
To help others realise, that they can combat fear.
Because I’ve realised beauty comes when we feel free
So there’s hope even through the Storms as I’m simply
 just “MEANT TO BE”.
(poem I wrote on the way to the shoot)



I was pretty nervous but also excited about going to this shoot.  Storm are such a well known agency so I was honoured and intrigued about how this shoot would go! There is something about modelling I don’t really understand…how can they know from a few photos who you are and what you’re capable of? And what classifies as you being able to “model”?

I had taken a wardrobe of clothes with me for it, of all sorts of colours and styles.
Andres de Lara was the photographer and Hugo was the make up artist. We had really interesting chats while my make up was done. I did a little bit of time lapse videoing but took up too much space and we all ran out on our phones, so decided to just enjoy the moment!

My sister, Sophie had come with me which felt funny to have her with me, but also really lovely for support.
It’s always an art to keep make up looking natural despite putting on so much.
Interestingly now the photos are developed one can hardly notice the make up – which shows an impressive artist.

We started in my mid crop top, I felt really uncomfortable as that isn’t the style I appreciate and consider that area best covered up. Once dressed more fully I felt really comfortable to be more adventurous in the photos to express myself and simply enjoy the time.

This made me start to think the importance of one feeling comfortable. And also showed me how clothing really can speak a message. It can insinuate something when you wear less, and with a passion to see men keep their purity I believe as a woman it isn’t really helpful to reveal those parts of who I am.

Modelling for me is something people look to to find their worth and value.
I wonder if I do that?
My hope is that that isn’t the case but that I may help others see in the same way I have, that it’s a mind-over-matter scenario.

Andres de Lara – photos –
Hugo — Make up

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