BRIGHT – yellow

Recently I’ve been challenged about not caring about what others think.
Yellow has lots of different meanings to me, but one main one is that it reminds me to “BE YOU”.

It’s so easy to look to others for affirmation or kind words, yet in fact the most freeing thing is to realise you have nothing to hide.
That in simply being free to express your true self you become the most beautiful and free version of you.

These photos were special as it felt as if I was walking out of the shadows and into the light – learning to embrace who I am and bring joy the places that I go.


It’s quite a daunting thing to wear a whole outfit in yellow, but as I say, really exhilerating when you realise just how much it doesn’t matter what people think.
The amount of faces I saw light up as I walked past, brought the sun to a dreary day down Brick Lane!

So I encourage you too _ BE YOU BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE CAN BE.
And in doing so you’ll shine and let others shine in their own unique way too.


Yi Ann Chen – Photography

Noemi Gernyi— Make up

By Walski — Yellow rain jacket.

Jen Sturrock — Necklace

Brick Lane vintage store — yellow top.

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