Biking & Step of Courage

Today was such fun! Such a wild day. We went for a beautiful bike ride all round New York downtown. I took my scarf and would dance in all sorts of places and simply just laugh!





Then towards the end of our tour I came across some girls coming out of what looked like a casting. I biked past them all but slowed down and paused, thinking I’d love to find out which casting it was. So I plucked up courage to cycle over to them to ask which show the casting was for.  Nearing the girls I realised how hilarious I felt in this moment…All sweaty from the bike ride, I had a red mark across my forehead and sweating all over. I asked the girl who she was and then came the reply “Romee” to which I replied “cool name“, (which I later found out is one of the Victoria Secret models). I eventually got the answer that it was a casting for Victoria Beckham. 

After getting some interesting looks and confused faces as to why would I want to know, I happily hopped back on my bike and cycled away. Thinking to myself, “could I try and get into this casting…..”




Soon enough we arrived at the churches entrance and I suddenly thought, I have heels and a jumpsuit in my bag, I could try and check out the casting….
So I sat at the back of church and waited to see what happened. I decided to go at the end with a lovely friend Erika who came with me to the entrance of the casting. I was filled with nerves suddenly and it all suddenly dawned on me, “what am I doing?”.

I then stepped into the doorway and went for it. The room was full of girls in a formal structure and all waiting for their name to be called to then walk in front of the panel in charge. I was met by one of the men in charge who looked at my book but then asked about my visa. Where I sadly had to say I didn’t have one. He unfortunately had to share that this wasn’t a possible opportunity. With which I gratefully thanked him and walked away. In that moment I realised, in life you don’t always walk through a door to achieve what you are expecting to achieve, but in fact that step of faith and courage could just be a step that helps grow that area of faith in a new way.

There is NO such thing as FAILURE – as we are constantly moving forward and learning and growing in new and beautiful ways. And that moment of going for it was a big moment of stepping into an unknown moment and took real guts.

As soon as that was done I went to join a crew in the park. I ended up meeting these gems: Tim, Dan and Zach. We all ended up playing an awesome game of football (soccer!). We also managed to welcome in some young little boys who were complete stars and super good. I realised it really is such an honour to now be able to be a role model to young people to show them the importance of encouraging them and showing them that they are significant and their abilities are noticed.

This picture was a fun one in front of the Freedom tower – as a prophesy over my time in New York – of FREEDOM!





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