Castings to Creativity


I had such a beautiful run around Central Park today. It was beautiful and super hot.
I made a fun animal friend who taught me such a beautiful lesson….




The views were beautiful and I really did enjoy this precious time for myself of letting everything slowly sink in about being here, losing my phone, the wild town life and the questions all flinging around my head!



I then went to meet the wonderful Ericka by Brooklyn bridge, ready for my runway casting! She is such a ball of fun, with a wild sense of humour and a wonderfully kind and encouraging heart.


It felt like I danced the whole way across the bridge in total awe of the beauty of the views surrounding us and the wildly beautifully architected bridge!

Again with my scarf I danced into FREEDOM!



I had a fun moment of practising my runway walk along this white line, to improve my posture and prepare for my casting! Then Erika snapped this pic – cracker back drop right!?


The casting was fun, quick and successful….


As evening approached I met up with JoJo Lees in Central park for an organic shoot on the rocks as the light started to fade. The theme was about being “Fierce and Free”.
With bright red lipstick I felt empowered to fully embrace who I am.



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