Last Min Couture show

Time to hit the market and find one special thing.
For a moment to remember, I found this special ring.
A ball and a drop placed around the side.
Reminding me I’m seen, and never can I hide.

It reminds me of the song of which I recently did write.
Turning tears into joy, showing me I’m held tight.
Showing me that I can see myself with the Father’s eyes.
This little ring reminds me of this truth, that sometimes can surprise.

Seeing yourself the way the Father really does.
Takes away the confusion and even all the fuzz!

Prepping for the show with my great friend Laura Kelly
I sang her a song and she said “I’ll watch out for when you are on telly!”
I laughed and smiled as I enjoyed her enthusiasm
Believing nothing is impossible, even the biggest chasm!

Fiery make up and a beautiful wing and red dress
We afterwards had many photos just for the press.

Meeting people there and at the after party…
This beautiful girl nearly made me cry!
Her encouragement and love of life was simply a delight.
I can’t wait to get to hear her voice at one of her gig nights!


Today was honestly fully of surprises.
After buying my ring and back pack at the market I eventually made it to church!
Afterwards I realised I was meant to be in a show that night, which hadn’t been totally confirmed, so I went along anyway and ran the whole way there, not sure if I would be allowed in. I arrived on set and they were expecting me which was great and I was led to my make up artist, Laura Kelly. She was honestly such a bundle of joy and we chatted about all sorts of things. One of which was about one of the songs I have written “Am I Beautiful”. She was beautifully amazed by it, and I was amazed by her amazement! She was super encouraging and really believed it should become a recorded song. I took her words in my stride and realised that ‘yes’ maybe it should.

Soon enough the show started and I was all dressed up in my red dress! Crazily long and with some outrageously high heels I nervously practised my walk back stage. Soon came my turn and there was a near slip on the runway. But soon enough I found my stride and finished on a strong note. It was quite a terrifyingly near miss!




Laura Kelly

Andres Aquino. –

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