You are Significant

I was sitting in a coffee shop nearby the shows and without a ticket decided I’d go along to the venue anyway to see what might happen. I stood just opposite the venue and a man approached me about Wilhemenia model agency in Tokyo, I thanked him but explained the distance wouldn’t quite work! Then whilst walking across the road I was amazed by the amount of press photographers outside. Out of the blue, as I was approaching the sing, they all seemed to turn towards me as I walked over. With flashing lights and people asking me to look at them from all angles, I had no idea what to do! I just smiled in total confusion whilst thoughts whizzed round my mind –  Did they think I was famous? or some significant model? It was such a hilarious moment of not quite knowing what to do with myself. But I totally embraced it and went along with it. It really made me think in that moment though – ‘it seems as if people are just yearning for significance and value. In desperation for anything and anyone to make news’. In that moment I saw the significance of it all, fame is so empty, so void and so intrusive. All these strangers photographing me and actually not caring at all about who I am, where I’m from or why I was there, just simply snapping photos of me for their own good. WHY? This weirdly saddened me and really made me think. What we see in the news, photographs and fashion, is so often just a promotion of ones self and is totally empty. It leads nowhere other than to more moments of strife and trying to prove oneself. 




After this great commotion – I was looking at the venue and wondering if there was any way of watching a show. With a moments thought I took a step forward. With no one telling me I needed a ticket, I walked in like I knew what was going on. I proceeded to the queue to see the show. I met a wonderful woman in the queue and whilst chatting got to tell her all about the banner I had made that was in my bag. I told her how it was about my journey into discovering what ‘true beauty’ is and that the path to freedom is one of beauty, pain, love, hope and huge faith. She was super amazed by it and laughed as I got it out there and then and unrolled it all to show her!

Just as it reached the end of the banner there was a call for the queue to start rolling in. I nestled under her wing, explaining to her I had no ticket, she told me to stick by her, so I did…


On finding our seats I looked at the number of my seat and to my amazement saw it was 2 (2) – with my jaw dropping I was so touched by that – as 2 is my favourite number!


We sat and watched the show, which began in the most beautifully unique way – with a little break dancer. She was incredible and totally took my breathe away! The show was of Greg Lauren’s collection – the nephew of Ralph Lauren.

The outfits that proceeded after the dance, were incredible too. With such unique designs and a really grungy yet elegant approach, I was totally inspired by Greg’s creations. His use of jean materials and almost a patchwork effect was so inspiring and something I have never seen before. 

The light glimmered off of the more silk dresses in such a spectacular way. This one below was my favourite photo and favourite dress too. With so much elegance and class, I was pretty proud of this shot…


As the show came to a close, my new friend said she was going to go back stage to chat with the crew. I saw others slipping back there. So asked for a photo in the entrance of it, in case entry wasn’t possible! Then I turned on my heels and walked in without hesitation or enquiry.


At the entrance was Greg with the little dancer – little minx. I got chatting and congratulated him on his show. and the beauty of it! He was super appreciative and asked if next time I would model for him too! I had such a wonderful chat with Sarah’s mum too, who explained that she was all self taught, and was now travelling all over the world to perform! So incredible!



Greg’s wife and son were there too to support him. This girl on the left was a gem I met that was from London too and from somewhere pretty close to me as well. This was a fun meeting!



Afterwards I had the idea and chance to put up my banner just outside the venue by the signs. It felt quite ironic to put up the piece in a place where beauty can be distorted. This made it feel even more significant that I did, as it’s very much in these places that people need to fully grasp the truth of what this banner speaks about….true beauty, born out of a place of true LIBERTY!



After the venue was all closed up, Jacob came to meet us and we all ambled through the streets of New York. Eventually I explained what had happened and about my banner. In that moment he asked to see it. So there and then we got it out and he unrolled it. In complete raucous laughter he stood bent over looking at it closely. He was in awe of the colour, pattern and idea of why I did it. He kept saying how relevant and true it was. “Beauty is not just in what we look like, as you can have all the looks in the world and yet still feel empty”. I was so touched by his reaction and in this moment realised the effect this banner could have on people’s lives in being able to articulate TRUTH. And a truth that people subconsciously ‘know’ but almost want to be able to visualise!




Later on I discovered one of the pictures one photographer captured of me!



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