Fashion Scout, 2015
This year there’s no doubt I could be seen!
But not in the way that I usually am,
Instead covered in glitter, I soon had many a fan.

Bronte too had her face done up gold
This is us waiting for the show to unfold.
Runway time is quite a nerve racking thing
As you wear the clothes and bring what you bring.

The moment then came for the real thing to take place.
Capturing us both with our bright and shining face!
This dress a handiwork, created by Ana Ljubinkovic
Leather with roses and bows, zips on the side, this was slick!

Extraordinarily this moment ended up on Vogue.
Quite to our surprise, so joy then arose.
Unexpected and miraculous it all seemed to be.
This day on the runway, a gold faced beauty.


This was an extraordinary experience. It started with a last minute casting just the day before. Miraculously after working for Wilson PK in his London Fashion week presentation, one of the models I was working with invited me to a last minute casting that afternoon. So a group of us went along. Ana Ljubinkovic was one of the designers in the room and had a dress she had been trying on everyone since arriving and no one seemed to fit it or make it work. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t manage to squeeze into it either. However with a tight push she zipped me in. With a sigh of relief and a wide smile she asked if I would walk it down the runway in the show the next day. I agreed to her request.

When the new day rolled around a little nervous feeling came over me and yet also a deep excitement and expectation for what the day held.
When I arrived back stage the action had begun and all the models had arrived. We all began chatting and soon enough each person was called up for their make up to be done. While I was having mine done I suddenly heard my name being called as well as one other girl, asking us to go to the next door room for our glitter faces! “Glitter faces” I thought to myself. I didn’t even know that was part of the plan or quite what they meant. However I followed their instructions to go next door. Soon enough I found out that the idea was to cover our whole face in gold glitter! My heart skipped a beat with excitement of having more glitter than I could have ever imagined stuck to my face.
The process took hours!

Eventually once they were done. It was the strangest sensation and I could see was gold flecks in my wing eye view. I had to keep reminding myself not to itch my face! Bronte, the other model also had a gold face, so she was almost a mirror to me of what I looked like. The make up artists really did the most extraordinarily good job.

The most surprising thing about my face being covered in gold was the fact that people wanted to take photos of us without us doing anything. I would sometimes forget my face looked like this until the fans came along and couldn’t get enough of it! They found it incredible too. This was us just back stage waiting in line before our time on the runway.
It seemed extra special in my eyes too, because as a little girl I had always dreamed of my face shining like gold, as Moses face had shone when he had been in the presence of God! In a funnily ironic way, this moment really reflected to me how our faces really can shine when we choose to spend time soaking in the right atmospheres!

As I waited backstage my heart began to beat a little quicker as I tried to keep the peace and visualise myself walking the runway with total success. The shoes were digging in a little bit, the light up mouthguard felt seriously strange in my mouth and the dress wasn’t the easiest thing to walk in!

I was surprised after the show to hear from some of the audience that I had been the only one to smile on the runway and that they were almost amazed and blessed by the fact that I had. This really sweet comment made me think a lot about why it is we don’t allow people to smile down the runway….


After the event had been all wrapped up a small group of us models went for a night out in town. The gold glitter was so stuck to my face I couldn’t get it off quick enough, so it remained to the rest of the evening. I wanted to share about this part as for me it was a beautiful analogy of how our presence can stick to others and then rub off in their lives. During the evening whoever I managed to walk past or effect I would jokily rub some glitter on their face. Even those I didn’t do that too, but came in close proximity to, ended up with flex of gold dust on them. Throughout the night I could spot whoever had come close to me, as each of them had gold dust somewhere on them!

At one point in the club the conversation about purity and sex came up and I opened up that I am keeping myself for marriage. The girls had the most shocked reaction of anyone I had ever told this to. Their reaction almost amazed me too!  I couldn’t understand why it was such a surprise that I valued sex so highly and believed it was for a covenant relationship. In that moment I realised that my gold face was for more than just a show, but to reflect value and purpose back to people all that night. I really believe that love is more than just sex. I really do believe that sex is a precious thing to save for the person you really know who cares, fights for and pursues your heart. It breaks my heart that so many give this priceless gift away so freely and willingly due to how culture has taught us to value it. It is gold and a total treasure to protect and keep for the right time. It is not a free gift for anyone. You are gold and your purity is power.


Ana Ljubinkovic – clothing


Vogue Online – pictures online

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