Red for me is a colour related with PASSION.
I always get amazed how I see truth through even fashion.
This thought made me question: “what is it I believe with all my heart?”
What is it that angers you, or broke you all apart?

I realised, I have a passion: ‘to see people cherish purity‘.
I believe this could happen when we know our identity.
That is when we are free.

But what does freedom look like?
It’s about standing still and steady and knowing who you are.
That your value is incredible and not determined by “you got…how far?”.

Your heart is important, so it needs to stay aflame,
So walk in purity and rub off any layer of shame.
I am broken for those who feel: “used, forgotten or abused”.
It’s time to face the problem and stop making ourselves confused.

Clearly and simply, we can wash away the tears.
Everyone wants to be loved, beyond their many fears.
So embrace yourself and where you feel you’re at
Stop comparing with others and making up the facts!



























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