This Last Year




21 years of life have been lived and past
Memories that will in my heart forever last.
Friendships of hope, forgiveness and joy.
Loving even when each other we annoy.


I’ve loved so many things and thankful for it all.
That despite my brokenness, I am picked up when I fall.
I am amazed by Gods grace and how he never gives up on me.
That especially when I was bound, he made me truly free.


Why?” I asked myself, “did I go through those down times?
Yet now I realise it’s due to them that my hope now shines.
God showed me his character and what I am all about.
So now I can stand firm, with no shadow of a doubt.


I’ve realised life isn’t about perfection, or reaching what I think I should be.
But accepting myself as I am and allowing myself to be.
That’s when expectation falls and I’ll be the real me.
As I learn to accept my faults, I’ll set my life set free.


I’m so thankful for how far I’ve come, in just over a year.
God has set me free from so much crippling fear.
I felt I was in a prison all tucked up inside.
I felt embarrassed and humiliated, I just wanted to run and hide.


Yet now I see who I really am made to be.
I love to now help others to open their eyes and see.
Because He loves me and made me and set me free from oppression.
Now I see God bringing good out of a time that seemed like “regression”.


So thank you Jesus, my friends and family.
You’ve been there through the hard times, and kept on loving  me.
You’ve shown me the beauty of grace and why I am alive.
Taken my anxiety and shown me I don’t need to strive.


I can’t believe this day has come and I’m so happy for it too.
Because now I realise “I’m enough”, I feel like someone new.
The old has gone the present has now arrived.
The truth that Beauty in just BEING…
(and not in what has been contrived!)

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