How Best to celebrate?



Christmas is a time of fun, family and fiends. It is a time of celebration and fun. Yet I am always reminded that it’s ultimately a celebration that we don’t need to fear mess…

What do I mean by that?

Well I guess I see Jesus (‘Christ’ – mas) as someone who came into a messy world, as a messy baby. With no answers but a special identity. Within the mess he grew up and came to learn more and more about the truth. All throughout his life he is miracle maker bringing beauty from pain and healing the sick.

But again he was never afraid, yet he faced a lot of pain and a lot of people who had many fears.

Does this sound relevant?
It does to me. So I know Christmas is magical…but actually the true magic is the LOVE that we get to constantly receive and see flourish in our hearts as we let go of our agendas and perfectionism and let Christ show us the beauty within the mess – so we can embrace ourselves as we are!

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