Say “NO” to Fear “YES” to FREEDOM!

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So I’ve got to be honest, because that’s why I want to start a blog anyway…

I am scared of what you might think!
….Phew now that’s out I need to start writing what I really think!

What is fear anyway?
Those thoughts in your mind that seem really true, really real, like there is nothing else true but that one thought…

“you’re not good enough, you may as well not try!”
“no one will be interested”
“you’re not worth time”
“you might fall…it’s going to hurt you bad”.
But STOP. WHO is telling me these things. Surely I can’t believe that.
Even still, what is my heart saying?

I personally find it hard sometimes as there is SO much inside me I want to get out and tell people I sometimes don’t even know where to start, so it might come out in a ramble or I may not say a word.But over time I am starting to realise that the more comfortable I feel in a situation the smoother things go.

It’s been a real privilege to be skiing this week, and I don’t know if your tracks have ever hit the thick snow, but when you face the mountain feet first your thoughts are wild and concentration focused on what is in front of you…snow, moguls and lumps in the ground! It’s not a matter of one foot in front of the other anymore (!), but two feet forward and DOWN you go. Today I noticed that as I focused on confidence and trusting I was safe and didn’t need to fear, my skiing (if I can say so myself), was sublime!
However when those thoughts came “you’re going to fall”, “you’re not very good”, “how are you going to face this bit, are you good enough to do it”, “you’re going to be caught out”. Suddenly my skiing changed and I was facing the mountains differently, with a cautious stance, the rhythms had gone and I felt nervous!


It’s something we ALL face, NO matter who you are or where you come from. NO matter how overlooked, or powerful you feel. No matter how much money or popularity you have, you will feel fear.
So how do we all face our own fears? It’s funny how it’s something we all share yet one of the last things you will probably tell someone you just met.

So what is your fear?

I guess I can only tell you from a personal point of view…
Very often if I’m honest, I run! Whether it’s avoiding tasks or procrastinating. But my one advise is that this isn’t a good option.
I have wanted to write a proper blog post all year but have somehow made myself believe it won’t be good enough or overthought it.

But sat by Mel, here with me on holiday I am starting to believe in myself and put posts to my thoughts to share with you.
So in the same way she has believed in me, I want to encourage you too to face a fear boldly and realise,  “it’s not as bad as you think, you are good enough”.

So what now…?
I guess just like when skiing I’m realising fear is often in your mind, like a game I suppose, you play it to win! So I am going to choose to start telling that fear where to go and fight it or “PARK IT” as a consultant might say!
It’s time to overcome those thoughts, feelings and fears and live life being completely yourself…


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