Be still and KNOW!

Life can sometimes, and very often be stressFULL, with deadlines,
‘to do’ lists, places to be.
What do you do when this is the case and all you strive for is to be “Stress FREE”!?
I’m not here to give the answers, as I would like those too!
But one thing that I HAVE found is good, is to relax and just be true.


Whether that means to sulk and be grumpy for a while.
Or to get all dressed up in lots of different styles?
I don’t know, as I am not who you are.
But often those things don’t help or take you all that far.

It’s about trusting and knowing somebody is in control
When nothing is going well and you lost your perfect roll.
Just smile to yourself and trust ‘good’ will come.
Because the process is important, and stress steals what could be “fun”!



So why not dance to a new beat of yours.
Swirl and smile, like a child of course.
Life isn’t that long and it’s here to be embraced.
The stressful moments will subside,
as you slowly turn and face them face to face!


LCF Fashion design collaboration

Bag and dress designed by a student!


To design your own dress with your own style, to illustrate a lesson you want to learn in this next chapter of life! And if you feel confident enough, to make it!



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