Cold or Bold?


What do you do when you’re frustrated or uninspired?





On the lizard, down in cornwall. This day was not kind with the chills it brought! However dressed in my favourite jacket I felt quite content. Jordan, behind the camera, is one of my favourite photographers who captures moments beautifully.

This moment of stillness was good for my heart as so much stress had been penting up over the week. I felt so relieved to enter into the wide open fields and “BREATHE” again.

The view was spectacular and I was so enthused by it all as this was my first visit to SUCH a wildly beautiful place.


Dressed in fur and leather too,
I felt some inside renewed.
Over the week things were getting to me,
But now in the fresh air I was feeling free.

Stern and focused I looked out far
Needing inspiration to raise my creative bar.
Jordan was snapping as I looked out with hope,
I need something more, I need air to cope.




We were aiming for quite a serious editorial, so no smile was seen, however inside I felt really alive. Through the seriousness I felt my frustrations were starting to subside, and inspiration for my creativity was returning.

FRESH PERSPECTIVE is needed when one is uninspired, and beautiful places are often the best inspiration to me personally.



Again on the rocks I started to sit tall
Feeling as if I was above it all!

Taking joy in the simple things of life is hugely rewarding and brings back a wonderful sense of joy and elation. It’s those things that bring true beauty and wonder to our hearts and allow us to “REST” in the moment and trust the future will come one step at a time.








Cheeky smile appeared just at the end.



Jacket –Wild Pony 
White Trousers – Pull & Bear 





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