Beauty in Mistakes


Have you ever feared messing up? Making a mistake or failing?
I can say you’re not alone, life isn’t about easy sailing.
But I do believe there can be a beauty within the mess and mistakes.
Just as this beautiful moment revealed in its wake.

Helping take photos of my friends creative space.
I by mistake knocked a pile of stamps from its place.
All scattered on the floor, I simply chose to laugh.
As I believed that beauty would come from this moment quite bizarre!

With a broken foot I sat with them all on the floor.
Capturing the moment and creating something more.
Slowly I picked up the letters “B” and “E”…
And with a smile saw this as a moment of beauty.

Thea my friend took the camera from me and looked me in the eyes
And with a big laugh, we were in awe of this surprise!






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