How Are You Positioned?

This shoot was a lot of fun to do. I managed to survive the cold despite not being clothed in many layers! I took the role of a tennis player, elegantly dressed in vintage sportswear, both Lacoste and Ralph Lauren.




During the shoot I began to ponder about how tennis for example is a lot to do with positioning. For instance you have to have a good position before hitting the ball for the optimum strength in your shot. This applies to life as well! Our minds are the first things that we need to learn to position in order to gain victory.




While resting in the sun I felt fixated on the idea that sport is such a mental game. It is not just about ability, but also about ones mind. It is wild to me to think that our minds can have that much power over our performance both in sport and our approach to life situations.




Sometimes it is easy to run from difficult situations, yet I believe that right in the centre of a hard situation is an opportunity for both growth and new vision. When we encounter a tough ball in our court we get to choose our response. Like a game of tennis, we win some shots and we lose some. But do we keep our head in the game? Do we remain hopeful and assured that we still have a chance to win the game?




No matter what we face, we will have victory if we simply stay in the game. Resting in the knowledge that each round we are getting stronger, more practised and prepared for life’s game. We are destined to win and designed to fight. Our positioning in the game is the fundamental answer as to how our victory will be played out.



Beautifully dressed with elegance and style.
Tennis is a game that stands out a mile.
Lit up with ease and positioned to win,
This game is so mental, victory starts within.

Lacoste and Ralph Lauren clothe those on court.
Settling the scores back to naught – naught.
Equal from the start, the game begins to flow.
Tennis is my favourite, this I will have you know.

The power of our minds will allow us to see
That discipline of thoughts, sets our lives free.
Reminded of this truth liberates our lives
Simply free to be, no need to strive.





Top – Lacoste
Sweater – Ralph Lauren






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