Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Really honoured to be featured on Cordell Parvin’s BLOG  for this month!
Please feel free to check it out!


My Poem:

Often in life we aim to be perfect.
As we think that’s how we will gain respect.
Yet I’ve come to realise that’s simply not the case.
Because to be that, we’d have to be two faced.

And the importance lies within authenticity.
Because trust is vital in order to feel free.
So get messy and embrace your imperfection.
As creativity is a good way to see your own reflection.

For me this was the case as things crumbled to pieces.
I started to see the beauty that could come through the creases.
There was no need for shame for the things in the past.
I just needed to forgive and not let them last.

In letting go and seeing myself anew.
It was through drawing out my thoughts I saw my breakthrough.
I honestly can’t express the freedom that I felt.
When I confronted my fears and the thoughts that I was dealt.

Hope started to arise and my horizon seemed bright.
That out of the ashes I found I was a delight.
All the shame had no power, and the words had run dry.
I realised who I was, no need to be shy!

I confronted my fears of what others might think.
But realised I couldn’t be held back or simply just shrink.
I wanted to be bold. To be all that I am.
And in order to be so, I went out with a bam!

All dressed in yellow I confronted my fears.
“It doesn’t matter what they think my dear”.
Just be yourself and embrace this time.
Because when you are free, is when you will shine.


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