This is an important time. 
Of saying to Jesus he's one of a kind. 
Your passion and zest for life, are truly inspiring 
May this be a day of a Godly rewiring. 

Baptism a time to be cleansed and made whole.
To let go of the past and let love take its toll. 
A celebration and joy that you've chosen the best. 
That life is about fullness and not completing a "test". 

His grace is enough, it's sufficient for you. 
He never leaves, no matter what you walk through. 
He holds each piece, of YOUR dear life. 
He wants to give you peace to replace any strife. 

He's making a beautiful mosaic out of broken parts. 
He trusts and loves you, to hold other broken hearts. 
You're never alone not even for a moment. 
Keep "believing", as that is an important component! 

I'm so privileged to say you're a friend of mine. 
From the moment I met you, I saw thought you somehow shine. 
As I came to know you more I started to see. 
That you have this incredible depth of authenticity. 

You've taught me that love is unfailing and true. 
You've always been there for me no matter what I walked through. 
You're strong, you're powerful and you're beautifully kind,
Forgiven and free, there's no need to rewind. 

So thank you Jeanet for being all that you are.
No fear can't be faced, so go shine like a star! 
Your God is always with you, you are a champion to him. 
Your praise to him is sweet and the way that you sing!

I love you and believe in all that you bring. 
You show me the truth that change starts from within. 
May this year be one of incredible jubilation. 
As you realise that your life is a harmonious celebration. 




















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