Bananas on the bus!

First full day in Hong Kong…completed!

What a better way than to start it with bananas on the bus!?

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Hahaha….is ALL I can say. Today has been very up and down with amazing parts, teary times, rainy parts, spicy tastes and “wow” moments. I can’t understand a word that they are all saying (when my friends don’t translate!)… but in fact, I am finding such a joy in that! It’s made me realise how much I can speak when I really don’t need to, first of all. And secondly made me appreciate the beauty of observing people, their mannerisms, attitudes and tone of voice. It’s amazing how much one can communicate without understanding a word they are saying.

One thing I have noticed a lot about the Chinese is the way they relate. The sense of community as well as them being SO unashamed of their tears. I find so often people apologise when they cry in England (mass generalisation – my personal experience!). However here, during the conference I have attended, it’s been simply so moving seeing these joy-filled, firy men and women, reduced to tears. However through their courage to show their weaknesses it’s revealed such a strength within them.

As Jeanet’s mum rightly said to me tonight:
“After the tears, they make me strong”.

During lunch we went to a Japanese restaurant. I ate spinach in a sesame sauce, while others mainly got Reman noodles. I learnt some very basic Chinese words and sentences…VERY exciting. I’m going to be good, I’ve decided!


Wow, I am so so in awe and learning SO much.
Despite not understanding their language it’s been incredible hearing them pray and somehow understand the gist of what they are saying.

(I heard a testimony one time about how Heidi Baker spoke fluent Chinese in a conference -she couldn’t speak a word normally). She had previously prayed the Holy Spirit would speak through her – and it did. She spoke fluently. So my prayer while I’ve been here has been that God will somehow supernaturally download what they are all saying to me! It’s been amazing, when I listen to them speak, I have had pictures in my minds eye that have shown me exactly what they are talking about to me. That might sounds super strange, but it’s been incredible experience!)

It’s also given me time to journal and process things that I’m thinking about, by writing them out. Through this it’s been incredible to keep a dialogue with myself and see how just after I’ve written down a desire, something happens in the next few moments that answers my need! For instance I started journalling my heart about really wanting to know and believe in the dreams of my life. To see a glimpse of what they might be and have someone confirm them to me, as I am really  yearning for some direction and hope in my personal desires and dreams for my life.  Then in the talk just after, they started to speak about dreams and if there are dreams on our hearts that we have given up on!? We were given a sheet of questions, about asking us what our dreams are?;  where we would like to be in 10 years time?; what our strengths and weaknesses are? etc. This came as such a surprise, yet also felt like such a gift from God and a confirmation that he knows and hears my heart SO clearly!

We were then encouraged to share these with our parents and hear their dreams for us too.
Carol and Red were my honouree parents that night! They listened to my dreams, and then prayed for me. It was such an incredible time to be heard and believed in!
Seeing the stories shared from the stage were so inspiring as they shared openly and without fear of their tears and brokenness.



In the morning I wrote in my journal all about being “clothed in humility” – as I’ve been wanting to learn about humility and what it looks like practically.
Then all day I have been loving the t-shirts I’ve been seeing and the inspirational quotes on them about life!

When it came to my dreams these moments were all incredibly relevant and I realised that I have been fearful of fully embracing my dreams out of fear of failure. However tonight I felt a new dose of hope inside me and as I recognised those fears and let the tears fall, it was as if my true desires and dreams started to spring up from within. I know I have far to journey with them, but right now I feel like I am at the beginning of them all!

Matthew 7:7-11

“Don’t bargain with God, be direct. Ask for what you need. Ask yourself what you want others to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them”.

–> I would love to listen to people’s dream and see how they can achieve those. I would love to encourage them and believe in their dreams with them.


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