Dream – Push Through

“PUSH THROUGH”, “NEVER GIVE UP”. These were the words that inspired me the night before from a video that my friend Jeanet sent to me. It was of a little boy doing judo.  I was inspired to always PUSH through when things seem impossible or hard!

On our way to Tai O we arrived at Tung Chung (half way there). We were getting a bus from there that would take an hour to then arrive in Tai O. However despite praying for sun, the heavens were open and rain was pouring down! Not amused by the sight, we looked at one another and considered a day of shopping? After walking around to pass the time we decided to head back on the train. However on route back, there was an uncomfortable feeling inside me….“Oh you of little faith” kept going through my mind!
I had prayed and believed for sunshine yet when I saw the rain, I had given up. It was then that I remembered the clip from the night before….
PUSH THROUGH I thought to myself.

The next challenge would be to tell this to Jeanet! I felt ridiculous to suggest that we go back again. But I knew I needed to be honest and hoped that Jeanet would understand.
“J I think we really need to make it to Tai O”.
She looked at me and laughed. “Oh, J you crack me up!”
I replied: “I know, but honestly would you mind if we go back!?”

Next stop we hopped off and like children, laughing loudly and doing the judo moves we’d seen the little boy do in the clip….”PUSH THROUGH, BELIEVE!”

I felt this irrepressible joy arise and once arriving at Tung Chung and about to board the bus, I was suddenly full of doubts. But as I stepped onto the bus Jeanet encouraged me to believe and trust. For most of the bus journey I lay back, shut my eyes, and rested.

I saw this vivid picture of getting people involved in the new little banner I had with me. To get them to draw about their dreams. Tai O is one of the most western points of Hong Kong – so I thought I could start the banner there and then take it from West to East and get all sorts of people involved. W.E makes “WE” – what a beautiful analogy – together – each pursuing our dreams. My hope was then to blog about each moment and person that gets to draw on it!

When we arrived – I got off the bus, and miraculously the rain had stopped! I was all dressed in my plastic bag cover – and did a victory dance! WOOOHOOO!
It really had happened. Soon we were stopped by a man wanting us to go to see the dolphins. Jeanet greatly agreed and next thing I knew we were on the boat! (bursting for the loo – I had to hold on!).
The joy we experienced was amazing though. We sat at the front and laughed for the whole journey! VERY loudly. So elated about the journey there… WE HAD MADE IT! Honestly, trust me when I say we were unashamed in joy!

We saw the dolphins swimming and Jeanet had noticed a sweet girl directly behind me. We had all got chatting and I t00k photos and videos. Chantee a lovely girl from Cape Town ended up becoming our friend that afternoon. Once we got off the boat I invited her to stay with us. 18 years old and a stranger to the Hong Kong culture. She was brave and appreciative of our friendship.

We had a dream afternoon exploring the town and water village. When it came to lunch I dreamt of a place where we could see the water. We soon found the perfect spot (after many wrong turns!). A family run business, this place became the spot of many dreams unfolding (quite literally). Whilst chatting with Chantee I ended up opening up about my own gap year and how lost and lonely I had felt and yet how special it had been through that. Her eyes teared up and I asked her where she ‘painted herself’ at this time.
This moment inspired me to ask if she might like to start the banner for me?
With a fear of it not being ‘good enough’, she bravely put pen to paper and began. We drew with her. This moment was priceless, looking out over the water of Tai O, sun shining and seeing dreams come true on the banner… WOW!

Soon enough we had a girl from Beijing and two guys from Chile getting involved too!
International people altogether in this little family restaurant on the waterfront in Tai O! Can you imagine!?

“Don’t despise the day of small beginnings!”


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