Gold Cracks

In the autumn leaves, all scattered on the floor.
Lying on my back and it’s laughter I explore
There is so much in the world for each of us to find
Yet moments like this, let your heart unwind.

It’s quite a magical discovery, realising all I have to be is “me”.
That I don’t need to strive at all, but just simply be.
This top I bought in Hong Kong and reminds me not to doubt
That through my cracks and failings, it’s gold that then seeps out

Just sitting on a tree stump or jumping in mid air
It’s all such fun, and so childlike and free of care

Noticing the small things, like little purple flowers
Remembering my dear friend and all that her life showered.
Never will she be forgotten and never will she go
Because wherever I tread a foot, it’s nature that then glows.

Camouflaged yet standing out, that is what I hope to do
Not fearing others opinions, but letting them be themselves too…

Surrounded by the nature and the colours, Oh so bright
Purple and pink flowers, with one just to my right
So in awe of this moment and the peace deep in my heart
Capturing the stillness, is a work of art.

Horizon – just look up and see,
Never give up, life is a mystery.
Hold on tight and wait
Miracles is what you need to anticipate.

Pray and never loose hope,
Pray, it will help you cope.
Pray and trust in your King
Pray, He holds everything!


Photography : Susannah Alltimes

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