On my way to a casting on Friday I really felt a sense that I need to “let go” of life in the way I see things should go and embrace how God plans them to go.

These last few days have really been beckoning me to take a leap of faith and trust that God’s plans are wildly better than my own. It’s funny to me how much I try and grab onto things or fear missing out when in fact I seem to be missing out on the actual things I dream to do, due to making myself too busy.

SLOW DOWN, take time with the Lord is something I am yearning to do and battling for.

Life really is a battle, we can have doubts, fears, regrets….but ultimately I’ve been questioning what is my PURPOSE? What is it all about?

Have I been aiming for fame?, wealth?, popularity?, control?, what is it that is my motive?
What would it look like to be truly free and not directed by fear!?
To throw down my baggage, drop the fears and run full heartily into the arms of love?


What might that look like?

I really do wonder….

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