My sister from a young age has been my main inspiration in so many different areas of my life. While I was going through a questioning time, before I came to uni a few years ago, I’ll never forget these simple yet profound words my sister turned to tell me “ENJOY THE JOURNEY Jessica” (she in fact has begun her own blog). In that moment I suddenly saw it, it’s not about the destination but it’s about the enjoyment of each moment. I can’t dictate where it will lead, but I CAN dictate whether I appreciate the moments that come!

With this simple truth, the other day I had a really beautiful run through the Cornish countryside and along a beautiful coastal path. Due to much rain the night before the floor was particularly wet and puddly! I was ru-ru-running until the mud and puddle levels rose and I was faced with the decision of turning back or braving it and reaching the beach I planned to get to. After a moments pause the “beach destination” was my preferred choice. Despite not feeling too good about my feet getting much wetter, I realised in that moment that even in the face of mud and puddles I could actually make this journey enjoyable simply by my own attitude and focus! So with a smile I continued, in complete awe of the joy and freedom that I could hear simply in the sound of the birdies chirping.


I was also reminded of my tutors words a few days before:
“We really want to encourage you to SLOW DOWN and to take in your surroundings. We challenge you to come into uni one morning, taking in all that you see on your journey and then give yourself at least five minutes to sit down and document all that you noticed”.
“This is a brilliant moment to do exactly that” I thought to myself.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

So jotting domes notes on my phone I decided to bring a poetic edge to it too:


Chirping. Singing. Never stopping. 
Catching condensation. That drip drip is dropping. 
Splash crash. Waves rolling in. 
Memories of the past all deep within. 
Sand Sand. Under my feet. 
Smooth stones to skim. Will they repeat?

Houses upon houses, rooftops galore. 
Awaiting a new day. The sky says it all. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Crash another wave. Wave upon wave.
Memories of this beach. 
But ooo there’s a cave!

Pausing play and playing pause… I go to have a look. 
Puddle another puddle. That is the photo that I took! 
Sweaty and hot headed. Yet feeling marvellously free. 
Remembering moments here that I had with Bryony. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Laughing and swimming across the ocean wide.
Today the beach seems big, maybe it’s low tide? 

Skim skim, another stone. 
That reminds me of a special “Freestone”.
Bounce, and plop and then it’s no more . 
Splash and ripple – oh what’s in store?

Ripple, ripple. Oh what a thought. 
Only one stone from which that was brought! 
Ripple oh ripple oh what a thought. 
The wonderful things this moment has taught! 

Picking up stones before I run back
So flat so great these ones have the knack!
Puddle, puddle up the hill I return. 

Squeldge Squeldge, underfoot. 
Sun breaking out. 
Roots high in the ground. 
Watch out. 
Drip of water. Noise ahead. 
Footsteps coming. 
Leaves flattened like a bed. 

Wow the horizon. Oh so flipping bright. 
Two heads bobbing. That is a sight!
Light house still shining, so far away. 
I dream to go visit, one of these days! 

Now up the hill as my lecture is soon.
Red hot and sticky I’ll enter the room!
Oh well it’s been quite a journey I guess!? 
So today in my eyes better be superduperly blessed! 

Through the Fox Hill gardens, trees and the dew. 
Leaves are all scattered and the light is now too. 
Specks of light – like a glistening gold. 
Now right in my eyes – wow that is bold!

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