Seen and Known


What a gift….
He looks into my eyes
And I receive a sweet surprise.
He looks into my heart.
And even likes my broken parts.




He looks into my soul.
And said “my grace makes you whole
He looks at how I cope.
And says: “let Me be your Hope”.



This is my King.
He is my everything.

This is my friend.
It’s my hearts that He mends!
This is my King and the reason I will sing!




This was a shoot with Megan Hemsworth down at gylly. We woke up early to get the sun rising. It was for me a really special moment of reflection and peace before the day ahead. Despite the windy chills, the view was exceptional and really caught me in my tracks. It was such a special way to wake up to the new day.

In this moment I let myself rest in the light and ask myself for a few things that I was thankful for.


This was a shoot where I was so free to be myself and not fear about anything else. It was beautifully comfortable and releasing for me to just simply BE.



This place is simply stunning and always catches me by surprise just how wildly beautiful it is. This moment of wild hair and windy breezes was for me personally very freeing, as it really showed that simple moment of ‘no worry’.

What a beautiful place to be, one of SWEET CONTENTMENT and peace.



Photography: Megan Hemsworth

Clothes: Celtic & Co.

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