Mindfulness and Moments

Last night I had an incredible moment.
I was going home for dinner and some “me” time. (I’ve lately been really learning to set aside time to just be and enjoy time for myself). So despite knowing my friends were at the pub, I really knew I needed to choose to have some ‘down’ time. Whilst eating, I noticed my cook book on the shelf, called “Clean and Lean” by James Duigan. Excited to pick it up I began to read. Really amazed by the content and photographs I flicked through from the end to the beginning. As I reached the front I started to read the introduction page.

Amazed by the James the authors’ articulation and content I read more and more. His authenticity was simply refreshing and really beautiful. He met me where I was at and his approach was so empowering. He talked about the importance of health, eating and exercise. Even opening up about the grief of losing his father and how as a result he started to eat unhealthily and carelessly. However the intention of the book was to encourage and empower others too on their health journeys to choose to be “Clean and Lean” and how in choosing these foods our energy levels and ‘happy levels’ will rise!


The way he described mindfulness and the beauty of being in the moment really convicted me. It was as if my eyes opened and I felt such a sense of yearning for me to be able to do that too. To just be able to really enjoy moments and not worry about anything else.
He described the two moments when he felt that beautiful moment. One good and another sad. One being when his first child came into existence and the process him and his wife went through as the baby was in the tummy. He was amazed about how much love he had for his new born and how it makes him relish each and every moment of life.
The other moment being the time he spent with his Dad on his death bed and how precious each second was with him.

This really made me start to think especially in relation to how I subconsciously waste time and energy on my phone instead of fully enjoying the moment that I’m in. Also how much I can worry about all sorts of other things in each moment.

I also loved his approach to the importance of sleep and rest. Encouraging us to go to bed much before midnight and to not use our phones for at least an hour before bed.
I also really loved his beautiful analogy he used about a child’s bedtime routine. – About how his little girl has a bedtime routine e.g. bath time, story in bed, thankful moment for the day and then lights out!
On reflecting on this I thought I really want to make some changes to my lifestyle and how I face each day! It’s amazing to think that these small changes can make such major differences to our lives.

So that night I consciously didn’t go on my phone and headed to bed without procrastination. I even challenged myself to do some exercises before I go to bed and have time to also reflect on the day and be thankful for a few things that have happened! I went to bed with such a happy and satisfied heart!

I really encourage you if you would like to have a read, then to purchase the book: https://bodyism.com/uk/product-category/books/


Can you try to not use your phone at least half /hour before you go to bed?
What are some ways you could implement a bedtime routine?
Each time you go to bed, try to be thankful for at least 2 things that happened during that day or yours!?
Ask yourself how you could personally enjoy the moment more.

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